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Where You Can Buy Property in Europe
A few countries that will most likely become winners in the changing European housing market are the following:

Turkey. Although Turkey has experienced a huge economic crisis in 2001, it has been undergoing a comprehensive IMF-backed restructuring program that is cleaning up the country's financial systems and creating strong economic growth. A great number of foreign speculators are flocking to the country's property market.

Germany is known in the financial industry for its stability. The prices of property here are still low compared to other places in Europe. A lot of the real estate purchases are being made by foreign investors. [...]

Information About Spanish Estate Agency
'Too much for too little' seems to be the common cry of many North European property buyers when they discuss real estate agents in Spain. Stories of huge commissions and dubious professional conduct abound, with the real estate industry in Spain seemingly having little in common with that in Holland, Germany and the UK.

Certainly, it is no secret that real estate agency in Northern Europe is undergoing seismic changes. Battered by a subsiding property market, the industry has been revolutionised by the internet which has newly empowered both sellers and buyers. For agents, one of the implications has been a radical drop in sales commissions, thus making a once profitable business increasingly marginal. [...]

Who Is Investing On Real Estate In Budapest?
As investments in overseas properties are seeing a steady rise in recent years, interested buyers are on a continuous lookout for properties that yield good returns on their investment. With so much information on the internet currently available to the common public, finding potential properties across borders have also become a comparatively easier task. However, before zeroing in on a particular property in a foreign country, it is important to research extensively on the pros and cons of investing in the country of your choice and choosing the location of the property in that country. To make things a little easier, below is some information on the Hungarian capital, Budapest, which has seen a steady increase in real estate investments in recent years. [...]

The secret diary of a London removal van
As a Hertfordshire based removal company, my owners don't usually expect me to drive the hundreds of miles that some of the long-distant removal firms do, but boy do I have fun at times! [...]

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